Portuguese Nails

Jenny Country, Hand Painted 12 Comments

When I was younger every summer my family and I went on holiday to Portugal. So the inspiration behind this nail set reminds me of being young and carefree! The design is based on the Portuguese Cockerel statue:

JennyPortuguese Nails

Comments 12

  1. GelaNails

    Oh how cute! I actually lived in Portugal for for about 4 years when I was very little, but some of my first memories are from there. I remember the beaches & museums with the royal carriages & I remember there was this beautiful tile mural on the wall of the house we lived in of dancers in the traditional Portuguese clothing. Very good memories of carefree days for me as well, you just took me down memory lane with this cute design, I thank you!

  2. Maddy

    This is awesome! I am Portuguese, born and raised, but came to the US as an exchange student and then college and ended up staying in the US. This is an awesome way to show my heritage! What a wonderful idea, thank you! :)

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