Creating Galaxy nails using acrylic paint

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This is how I created my galaxy nails. I have done the examples below on false nails for show but I originally did them on my natural nails. Note that you will get paint on your fingers, but acrylic paint is easy to clean off the skin, either with nail polish remover as you normally would, or wait until the nail is totally dry and you can scrub it off with soap and warm water.

On to the tutorial…

Start with a black base:

Next is to create the nebula background:

The idea is to create a gradient background. I used purple and blue because I liked how bright they look, but you could also try reds or greens (here are some cool pics to help with inspiration!)

The tools I used – makeup sponges torn into small pieces.


1. Starting with the darkest colour (I mixed purple, white and a touch of red).

2. I added a bit more red

3. I mixed a lighter purple with no red.

4 – 5. I kept adding a touch of white to the colour mixed in 3 to fade the purple to near white.

6. Neaten up by sponging black where necessary the finish with a layer of Seche Vite.


Pretty similar to the purple gradient –

1. I started with a mix of blue and white with a touch of purple.

2 – 5. As above, started with a blue and white mix and added a touch of white to slowly lighten each new layer.

6. Neaten up by sponging black where necessary, then finish with a layer of Seche Vite

adding the stars:

The tools I used – A needle for the smallest dots and a very fine paintbrush for the rest.

1. shows the completed background.

2. Grey crosses painted as shown.

3. white crosses added to the centre of the larger grey crosses.

4. A few large dots scattered around.

5. Fill the rest of the background with smaller dots at random.

6. Finally finish with a layer of Seche Vite.

And voila! you have yourself some bright galaxy nails.

JennyCreating Galaxy nails using acrylic paint

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