Passover Nails

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So it’s Passover and I had to do a set of nails for the occasion and decided to do Matzah nails!

For those of you who don’t know Passover is a Jewish festival that falls around the same time as Easter (here is a bit more about Passover). Matzah is what we eat in place of bread for the week of Passover to commemorate the time the Jews escaped from Egypt and didn’t have time to let the bread they were baking rise. It’s basically like crackers, and also made quite a nice nail pattern!

Left hand:

Right hand:


And finally as it’s also Easter Sunday, Happy Easter!!How adorable is this:


JennyPassover Nails

Comments 17

  1. Jacqui

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!!! Great to see something unique amongst all the pastels we’ve been seeing lately. It really does look like matzah! Yum!

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