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This post is a slight change from my regular nail art, but over the past months I have been passed on awards by my fellow bloggers and I am well overdue passing these on. I have taken time to look through all the lovely blogs I follow and even found some new blogs that are really great and deserve to be recognised.I would like to note a few things first: I would like to try to make these awards extra special by featuring my favourite piece of nail art from the blogs I have chosen. Also I am only going to pass on each award to two bloggers (not the 15 some of these awards requires) and I hope this will make receiving an award a little extra special. Well, that is my reasoning and I hope you all agree with me!!Now on to the awards…

First the Liebster Award is for blogs with under 200 followers. I was nominated for this by Iroshi (thank you â™¥) – check out her blog, she’s got some great nail art.I would like to pass this award on to two blogs with a very few number of followers (that should definitely have more):Bedizzle Nails - Bedizzle is a really great nail artist. I found it difficult to choose only one design that I loved, but I feel this design shows off her skill and creativity.

Off The Nail - another lovely new blog with some really beautiful designs, like this one below which really stood out to me.

Next on to the Butterfly Award for “the coolest blog I ever know”. Thank you again to Iroshi for giving me this award.

First I have to answer some questions about myself:

What’s your favourite song?   Difficult question as I can’t pinpoint one song, but Viva la Vida – always makes me feel happy

What’s your favourite dessert? Any form of cake is good!

 What’s your favourite pet? Iv only ever had fish…but I want a cat.

Black or White? In terms of nail polish – its gotta be black

What’s your biggest fear? I really hate spiders

What’s your best feature? My nails of course! closely followed by my teeth.

What’s your everyday attitude? Usually pretty laid back and happy…I would like to think!

What is your guilty pleasure? pic n mix (yumm)

I am going to pass this award on to two blogs that I think are the coolest!


Taupe is the New Black - Kayleigh has some lovely designs on her blog. My favourite was the beautiful detail on these sets of false nails she sells.

Gorgeois Blog - There were a couple of lovely designs that I loved on this blog, but I had to choose this design for its detail and originality.

Next I was given the One Lovely Blog award by Anna at Anna’s Dope Blog. Thanks very much – check out her blog for loads of lovely nail swatches.

I am passing this on to two blogs that I am totally inspired by their designs and definitely want to try them myself!Holy Manicures - Margaret has some fab designs (that have got loads of notes on tumblr). This is my favourite as it is a cute designs with some bright fun colours.  




Plisherrific - I totally fell in love with this design when I saw it as an entry to a nail art competition, I think its such a great take on animal print and I was surprised it didn’t win! This blog is owned by Jme and Ev and you should definitely check out their work!



Finally I got given the versatile blogger by both Sue from Creative Nail Design by Sue and Lucie from Lippy Lucie. I wanna say thank you to both of you for thinking my blog deserved an award. Also check out their blogs too.


I am again passing this on to two blogs that I think are particularly versatile:Queen of the Polish – This is a really well put together blog. There isn’t so much nail art, but Priscilla puts together outfits that would go with each nail colour and also gives them a rating.


Fab Fingertips - Ester has a lovely beauty blog with some very cute nail art. I loved her Black and While nail art challenge designs, the one below in particular. Also thanks for being a great support when I was starting up and tweeting me and being my first follower♥!


Thank you for reading this rather long blog post! But I hope you have found yourself some lovely new blogs to follow.

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