Friday, 20 July 2012

Forever 21 Ring

My latest nail inspiration comes from a ring I got from Forever 21. I saw the ring on the internet and thought it was a great basis for a nail design. I started with the ring pattern on my ring finger then created complimenting tribal/aztec patterns with studs on the other nails.

I love the way the nails looked also the ring is really comfortable as it's elastic on the back and is therefore 'one size' (except it was quite loose and was too big to go on my ring finger).

Here are the closeups of the nail designs. The base is black nail polish, then I painted the detail with gold acrylic paint.

Left hand showing thumb

Left hand

Right hand including thumb

Right hand


  1. I love your use of rhinestones with black and gold. I never would have thought of it but it looks really good! And as always the patterns are awesome!

  2. These are so good!!! The colours look so good together!! And also a great excuse to buy the ring ;)

  3. Love it! The polish and the ring look really good together!

  4. love the ring but love your nail art even better, great job dear :-D

  5. love this !!

    xoxo Grace

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