Going for gold

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The Olympics are here! And by here, I mean literally here, in London! It is a very proud time for London as the world looks to us for these amazing games. These are the special golden olympic nails I sported while watching the Olympic ceremony, which was very enjoyable. 

I tired to do a traditional white base with olympic symbol design, but it turned out rubbish, so attempt 2 is a bright golden design with golden studded union jacks and the main logos painted in black. I think its very appropriate with everyones hopes raised for gold for their countries. 

On my left hand I have the olympic rings logo and Team GB lion (go Team GB!!).

On my right hand I have the Olympic torch and the London 2012 logo.

Finally here I am with my nails at the final km point at the mens cycle road race this afternoon. 

An extra note, I was pretty excited about these earrings I got from Petite & Co shop on Etsy. Perfect little studs to match my golden nails! I do love matching accessories to nails!!

I hope you are all enjoying the Olympics around the world.

JennyGoing for gold

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