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This is another set of nails I did for Glamour. These were to coincide with their August cover featuring Mila Kunis (love her). The August issue is the jean issue so I decided to create a jean-effect on my nails with the accent nail to match one of the looks seen in Mila Kunis’ photo shoot.

Here is a brief description of how I put the nails together:

I started with a base of Nails Inc Hanover square and for the accent nails Essie Downtown Brown and Essie Blanc. Then topped with Seche Vite to ensure my nails are dry and set as the next steps use a coarse brush that can scratch the polish.

I then used two coarse old paintbrushes to create a real jean effect. I first painted on with white acrylic paint, then used the dry brush to created thin vertical stripe ‘threads’. I then topped with another layer of top coat to protect it before I painted the horizontal stripes in the same way. I then used a sponge to add a little of the base blue polish to give the proper faded look.

I then topped with matte topcoat. I thought it needed something a little more to give the perfect jean look, so I added the pockets, stitching and some studs as buttons.

I think it turned out to be a pretty convincing jean look (and I really love the look of matte nails). I’ve never seen jean nails done like this before and it really wasn’t too difficult to do once I figured out the look!

It would probably be easier to do a tutorial of this on video, but as I don’t have a decent video camera it will have to be something to consider for the future!

JennyJeans nails

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  1. Anonymous

    omg these are so gorgeous! i saw this in glamour and i just wanted to say i think its amazing, im not a fan of nail art but i absolutely love these nails!!

  2. Rupal

    I always think I love how raw denim looks at the benniging stages the best, mostly because of the excitement of starting a new project that you simply have to wear to keep moving. But halfway through they look so alive with their own personality it’s ridiculous. These look great. Nice work.

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