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For a while I have been looking for spiked studs to stick on my nails as I have been seeing spikes all over the place in the shops and wanted them on my nails too! Unfortunately I could never find the kind of spiked studs I was looking for so I decided to make some!

I made the studs using polymer clay, baked them in the oven for 15 mins, then spray painted them with a chrome effect paint. They came out all different sizes and the paint I used to coat them leaks onto the glue/topcoat I use, but they did the job! if anyone knows where I could buy studs like them please please let me know!!

Now on to the best bit, the nails! Yay. I stuck the studs on to a black matte base, pretty simply but effective. Unfortunately they didn’t last too long as the studs didn’t hold too well with the glue. They were also a little too spikey so were slightly inconvenient to wear, but totally worth it!

JennySpikey nails

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    1. Jenny10bc

      These ones I took off after because it was a little impractical having spikes on all the nails. but I re-did it on just one nail and with a few layers of top coat over the nails it lasted a few days before I took it of.

  1. Anonymous

    This looks so awesome! I’m definetly trying this when I get my studs delivered.
    I found some similar studs on bornprettystore.com Just type “hot punk” in the search bar and they should come right up. Although yours are so much cooler being handmade :)

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