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Woop! So, its been quite an exciting weekend. Last week I was asked by Elegant Touch to create some special Halloween themed nails for Strictly Come Dancing! I came up with a range of nails to send over that were halloween themed but also elegant and glitzy like the girls looked on the night.

Below are the 11 designs that I came up with so that there was a wide range of simple Halloween-y designs that could go with any outfit worn by the dancers.

Half moon and bats

Blood Drip Tips

Blood Spatter Tips

Red Cobwebs

French Cobwebs

Pumpkin Orange Tips

Green Witch Hats

Claw Tips

Dark Night Nails

Red Striped Nails

Green Glitter Nails

It was really difficult to see any glimpse of nail during the show, but I definitely saw a flash of three sets being used. I will be on the lookout for clues of who was wearing the others. The green Glitzy set was worn by Fern Britton, the Dark Night set was worn by Victoria Pendleton and the French Cobweb set was worn by Natalie Lowe (partner of Cricketer Michael Vaughan). Apparently Kimberley Walsh was also wearing a set, but I couldn’t get a good screen-cap.

Fern Britton Wearing the Green Glittery Nails (Photo credit BBC)

Victoria Pendleton wearing the dark night nails (photo credit BBC)

Photo Credit Marcos Gurgel

Above is a tweet from Marcos Gurgel the makeup artist on the show.

Finally below is two screenshots of Natalie Lowe wearing the French Cobweb nails. The picture isn’t too clear but you can tell she is wearing them!

The show was great and the dancers all looked amazing with their outfits and spooky makeup. Halloween must have been such a fun theme for the costume and makeup department  It was great seeing all the different nails, even the guys were seen with some spooky crackle nail polish for the show! I’m sure the guys wanted to wear my nails…they were just too long!

JennyStrictly Come Dancing Nails

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