Henri Rousseau Jungle Nails

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I like using art as a basis for my nail designs. My latest design was inspired by Henri Rousseau’s jungle paintings. I took details from three of his paintings to created a layered jungle effect with jungle creatures hiding on the thumbs!

My inspiration:

‘Typical Forest with Monkeys’


‘Jungle with Tiger and Hunters’

My nails:

Thumb detail of monkey

Thumb detail of hidden tiger

To create the nails I painted a bright green base then added layers of jungle detail. The first layer as the background trees and large vines, then smaller trees and further flower details all inspired by the detail in the paintings. It was relatively quick to make as the layers of detail mean each layer doesn’t have to be perfect.

JennyHenri Rousseau Jungle Nails

Comments 7

  1. Anonymous

    wow! beautiful nail art, in the most literal sense. did you use all polish, or some acrylics? loving your work as usual. thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Rousseau is my favourite artists. I googled ‘Rousseau nail art’ because I realised that if I was able to do nail art, I’d do Rousseaus on my nails. Those are really cool!

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