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She Knows Stud Tutorial

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I have put together a tutorial for SheKnows UK for a studded accent nail design I created to match a collar I got from Miss Selfridge. You can see the full tutorial here and I have included a condensed version below and some examples I put together for different coloured versions.

Step 1: Paint a base coat layer to protect the nail. I am using Seche Restore as a base coat at the moment as my nails are quite weak.

Step 2. Paint the nails black. I used Barry M Black.

Step 3. Select your studs. I have chosen 2mm gold square studs, 1.5mm clear rhinestones studs and 2mm gold round studs.

Step 4. Down the middle of the accent nail place the gold square studs. I use Elegant Touch brush on nail glue as it is easy to work with.

Step 5. Either side of the square studs stick the rhinestones.

Step 6. Finally stick the gold round studs on the outside of the rhinestones.

Step 7. Cover the accent nail with a layer of Seche Vite to make the studs stay on longer.

Step 8. Paint the black nails with a matte top coat. My favourite is Rimmel Matte Finish.

And there you have it! A simple accent nail that doesn’t take too long and has a great impact.

Below are three other examples of nail looks you can create using the steps above:

Using Essie Aruba Blue with sapphire rhinestones and silver studs.

Using OPI Monsooner or Later with gold studs and mixed rhinestones.

Using Nails Inc Basil Street and a matte top coat, with gold, silver and black studs.

JennyShe Knows Stud Tutorial

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