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Since my last post about how to create a studded accent nail I have had lots of pepple asking about where to get all the different types of studs I use. This post is dedicated to my stud collection and where you can get them yourself! I buy all my studs online from a few different retailers, most of them are UK stores as I like quick delivery! If you need supplies delivered quickly to your country you can search them on Ebay and filter to retailers in your country. I do this when my regular stores I use don’t have what I’m looking for! If you are not in a rush to get your studs you can get studs cheaper and in larger quantities from Hong Kong stores such as Born Pretty. You can use my discount code JPL91 for 10% off.

Round Studs

1.5mm Dot Studs – these are my smallest studs and come in a variety of colours from Sparkly Nails

2mm Hollow Studs – these studs are larger more spherical than the above studs and you can get them from Sparkly Nails

2mm Flat Gold Studs – These are the same size as the studs above but are flatter so give a different look and can be got from the Born Pretty Store

1.5mm Gold and Silver Studs – the gold studs are a gold rhinestone shape and the silver ones are more spherical, I probably use these studs the least. They are from Nailtopia Silver/Gold

4mm x 5mm Conical Studs – I finally found some small studs…well actually they found me (the vendor emailed me!). They are a little bigger than the ones I handmade here but are the smallest I have found online that fit on my nails. I will do a post showing them off on my nails soon and you can get them here Gold/Silver

Square Studs

2mm Metallic Studs – These are my favourite of all my studs and I use them all the time on my nails. I got a big bag from the Born Pretty Store and think I still have over half left! Yay. Gold/ Silver

4mm Metallic Studs – I prefer using the smaller studs, but these are sometimes useful for more of a statement. I got these from Sparkly Nails but you can also get the gold and silver from Born Pretty.


1.6mm Black Rhinestones – I like using black rhinestones mixed with silver studs. These are from Rhinestones Online. They are size ss4 (the smallest) but there are loads of other options too.

2mm Rhinestone collection – useful cheap set of rhinestones which I use for a colourful accent nail. I don’t remember where I get this particular set from, but Born Pretty have a nice wheel and if you are looking for a particular colour there are lots of options on ebay.


2.5mm Curb Chains – I use these chains as a little extra embellishment. You can cut them to size with a pair or scissors. I got them all from ebay by searching ‘curb chain’ as that is the type of flat chain that is best to use. I got these chains from Ange’s Attic Store

So thats all my studs! I have more rhinestones that I will show you in the future.

Finally someone asked how I remove my studs. Firstly I stick them on using nail glue, Elegant Touch has a great brush on glue that is very easy to apply, the normal nail glues can sometimes be hard to squeeze out! Then when its time to come off I will remove as much as the nail polish underneath using nail polish remover. Sometimes not all the studs will come off, so when the polish is soft under the studs I will use tweezers or an orange stick to get the rest off.

If you want to know any more about studs comment or email me I will be happy to answer any questions!


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