Black and Gold Matte nails

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I have gone for a favourite theme of mine today – black and gold nails. This time I have finished them with a matte top coat to give them a different look to my previous black and gold nail looks. I just chosen random patterns painted in gold over a black base with studs and chains on the accent nails and thumbs.

On my left hand I painted black lace over nude on my index finger, gold houndstooth on my middle finger and weave line pattern on my pinky. I have used chains and studs on my ring finger and thumb.

On my right hand I painted random geometric patterns on my nails with a studded accent nail and thumb.

I love the matte look and as always I used Rimmel Matte Top Coat which I think gives the best matte look. The studs didn’t last as long as usual as I didn’t cover them with a top layer like I normally do with seche vite. But overall they looked great and went well with my black and gold dress I wore to go with them!

JennyBlack and Gold Matte nails

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