Monday, 17 December 2012

Born Pretty Store Rhinestones

I recently got sent some products from the Born Pretty Store to try out. This store is a great place to buy nail art supplies online and they have all sorts of rhinestones and studs that I love. The small square studs that I use a lot in my designs come from there. You can also use my discount code JPL91 for 10% off at the store.

The product I chose to try out was 6 shapes silver rhinestones.

The rhinestones come in a range of shapes: round, square, star, flower, heart and leaf shape all about 2 or 3mm in size.

I decided to recreate a look I saw a while ago in Look Magazine that I thought would make a fun design

I decided to use a deep red base for the nails instead of black. I then used the square, heart and leaf shaped rhinestones to create a the same look as on the top in the picture on the accent nail. On my other nails I added a few leaves as a half moon effect also adding a round stone on the thumb.

I glued them on using Elegant Touch nail glue and topped with a layer of top coat to ensure they stayed on.

Don't forget to check out the Born Pretty Store and use my discount coupon JPL91 for 10% off.

**Update: The Born Pretty Store are having some great special offers going on over the next few days


  1. Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous! Love how simple and elegant this design is <3

  2. Jenny! You outdid yourself, darlin! I absolutely love it!

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

    I'm tickled because just the other day, I bought a haul of Born Pretty (used your coupon...thanks, btw!), and among that haul were (I think) this set of bling.


  3. These nail designs look so simple but it gives an amazing look. I’m going to try exactly like this.

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