Christmas socks nails!

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I have been feeing rather festive and have a new pair of lovely fair-isle socks from Topshop. I mainly got them as I thought they were a great inspiration for a nail pattern! Also they are really warm.

I decided to recreate the pattern using some Nubar nail art pens I had been sent to try. I usually use acrylic paint and thin paintbrushes as in the past I found that nail art pens can be a little unpredictable and too thick for the level of detail I like to do. But I wanted to give them another go as I know plenty of nail artists use them to create some fab stuff.

I started by creating a striped base.

I then used the nail art pens to fill in the criss-cross and heart patterns and then painted the reindeer patterns on the thumb.

For comparison on my other hand I decided to use acrylic paints to create the same pattern and see the difference. I should note that I was also painting with my left (non-dominant) hand.

By comparison the acrylic paint can create a much more detailed pattern, but at the same time I have had a lot of practise with the paints and very little using nail art pens. They are great for a quick pattern with not too much detail.

I would love to know how your experiences using nail art pens. I will definitely use the pens again to practise getting a fine line and creating more detail.

JennyChristmas socks nails!

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