Thursday, 24 January 2013

Black and White Spiked nails

I have finally found some great spike studs which are the perfect size for some crazy nail art! My inspiration for the nails came from these amazing shoes from Kurt Geiger.

Kurt Geiger Shoes

First off I will show you the spikes I will be using:

After my original attempt to create spiked nails, in which I made the spikes from clay (!) I got contacted by an ebay seller who stocked exactly the type of spike I was looking for. You can get them here from the seller 'innovationstore' or they also stock some slightly bigger ones depending on the size you are looking for.

In order to match the shoes I decided to create a black half moon look, topped with a matte top coat to imitate the leather of the shoes. I then added spikes, stuck on with Elegant Touch brush on nail glue, along the half moon to finish the design.

I think these spikes are a little too large and sharp for prolonged use but they are great for a one off design. I would still love to find even smaller spikes for my nail art (if theres is anyone reading who knows where I can find these drop me an email!!). 


  1. very awesome, shoes and mani both!!

  2. Cool, I'm glad you found some real spikes to use, but they do look a bit dangerous. Don't go poke around your eye or you might lose one...or go temporarily blind?

  3. You absolutely slay me, Jenny!

    Brilliant nail art.


  4. OMG how cool is that!?

  5. Magnifique !

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