Thursday, 3 January 2013

Fairisle scarf nails

Happy New Year!!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I took a mini blogging break over the holiday. But I didn't take a nail art break so I have lots of new nails to show you guys over the next few weeks. I have also been working on some other exciting stuff that I will be revealing soon. Also I think its time for a new giveaway soon, what do you think?!!

Todays nails are the nails I wore on Christmas day. I had seen too many red and green/glittery/santa/candy cane nails that I just decided to do something bright but not particularly Christmassy. But I still love them! I saw this scarf in H&M, I loved the colour mix and thought it would make such a great nail pattern that I got it!

H&M scarf
I painted a black base then added all the detail with acrylic paint. I really love the mix of colours and the brightness of the pink that makes these nails stand out.

I love the fairisle pattern, as you can probably tell from my last set of nails too! I really wanted a Christmassy jumper, but by the time I started looking they were pretty much sold out everywhere - bummer. But I did get a nice fairisle onesie in my stocking - thanks Santa (Mum). Something to keep me warm when I have to open my window to air my room from the nail polish fumes!

I hope you like these nails as much as I did, I love all the detail I managed to fit in!


  1. Wow, you're so talented. These are gorgeous!
    Hope you're having a fabulous new year.
    Bekki // xx

  2. Are you freaking serious? At first glance (and even second), the artwork on your thumb looked like a knitted fabric.

    Really cool!

  3. follow you:)

  4. Amazing! *___*

  5. That is one gorgeous scarf! Did you wear it out with your nails? Did anyone notice? That would be so cool to try!

  6. Wow those nails are fantastic :)! Lovely blog.

  7. well, you are THE QUEEN when it comes to nails, truly ;) xx

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