Sunday, 20 January 2013

Galaxy Nails II

This is my latest take on the galaxy nail. I have used a different method to my first attempt (which you can see here) which is much quicker to do. The colours of the nails didn't photograph too well and they are much more purple and blue and glittery up close.

To create these nails I started with a black base over which I sponged a mix of blue and purple acrylic paint. I then added a layer of Color Club Starry Temptress before adding the final star details in white acrylic paint. I will put together a full tutorial for these nails soon.

I also finished these nails with a layer of UV topcoat. Under a UV light the galaxies glow blue which is a fun addition if you are going on a night out!


  1. Very cool!! Love the UV glow effect too, perfect touch!

  2. Where do you get UV polish from? It looks incredible!

    1. Thanks, it's from amazon :

  3. Absolutely beautiful!


  5. Love it, Jenny! I've seen a few people using acrylic paint on their nails, and recently bought a set of paints to try it out myself. You did a lovely job, and I look forward to learning more about your technique in your how-to!


  6. This is such a pretty design! I just end up messing my comparatively neatly painted nails in the process;)