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First of all I want to open with my competition results. Thank you to everyone who entered and all you who joined in my Easter Bunny hunt! I am sorry it was over so soon, unfortunately Rafflecopter have decided to charge you if you want to extend the length of your giveaway, so next time I have to find another way to moderate it (any recommendations welcome!). So congratulations to Helmi Anttila the winner of the main prize. And congratulations to Alina Dzekunova, Anne Funk and Rachel Steinberg who were the three winners of my Easter bunny hunt. I am sure I will put together another giveaway soon with lots more prizes!

This weeks nails are the nails I wore on Passover this year. I showed you my matzah nails I wore last year and this years theme was the 10 Plagues. On each nail I have painted a representation of the plague, along with the hebrew name. 

To those unfamiliar the ten plagues are remembered at Passover each year as the punishments G-d sent down to the ancient Egyptians as the ancient Jews escaped from their slavery. They were (1) water turned to blood (2) frogs everywhere (3) lice (4) flies (5) death of livestock (6) boils (7) hail (8) locusts (9) darkness (10) death of the first born. I think that enough of a lesson about Passover (if you want to know more read on here) now on to the nails:

The first 5 plagues

Thumb representing blood

The last 5 plagues

Thumb representing the doorposts painted with blood so that the angel of death would pass over the house

This was quite a difficult subject for nails (especially the last plague) but I think they turned out ok. I do prefer my Matzah nails from last year but it was fun to have something on your nails that tells a story.

Jenny10 Plagues nails

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