Matzah Nails Tutorial

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Its almost Passover and I wanted to repost the nails I created this time last year as I got lots of comments saying they wish they had seen it before the holiday!

So here they are, my matzah nails, which got featured on a BuzzFeed page recently which was cool! Here you can find the full post from last year.

BuzzFeed: Matzoh inspired crafts

Here is the step by step tutorial on how you can make the nails yourself.

I used acrylic paint for these nails, but the effect would be the same if you have the right colours of nail polish. All the painting is done with a fine brush like the ones in this post.1. First protect your nails with a base coat.2.  Paint your nails with an ivory cream colour.3. Outline roughly with some dark brown.4. Add black dots in a grid.5. Add orangey/brown blobs all over.6. On some of the blobs, add some darker brown.7. Add black to a few of the dark brown parts (you can also add some black round the edge of the nail).8. Add blobs of the colour used in (2) on some of the black/brown blobs (but not on all of them).9. Add a layer of top coat to give it a smoothed shiny look.Simple! I hope you have a go and do these nails for Passover next week. I also have an Easter Egg tutorial coming in the next few days.

JennyMatzah Nails Tutorial

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