International Space Station Nails

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I have been pretty uninspired with my nails recently but I have finally found a great theme that I really love for some more detailed nail art. The theme is the International Space Station, the end of Expedition 35 and the return to earth of 3 of the crew. I have been following the ISS missions since Chris Hadfield (@cmdr_hadfield) the former Commander of the ISS began tweeting pictures and videos from space. If you haven’t seen them go and check out his twitter and facebook page to see some really amazing photos and great videos of experiments in zero gravity. 

So here are the nails I did on my left hand: (thumb to pinky) the Expedition 35 insignia, the ISS, earth viewed from the space station, Chris Hadfield’s Crest and finally earth’s natural satellite – the moon.

On my right hand I painted the logos of the 3 space agencies with astronauts on Expedition 35: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, and the Russian Space Agency. On my index finger I painted another view of earth and on my little finger a view of earth by night (as seen in some of Hadfields images).

I hope you go and check out his twitter, all the videos on youtube of inside the ISS. I love these nails so much and I hope you guys do too!

Finally here is a video of Chris Hadfield singing David Bowie’s Space Oddity…while floating in space. Amazing

JennyInternational Space Station Nails

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