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Last week Little Mix were going on the Alan Carr Chatty Man to promote their latest single ‘How Ya Doin’. To say thank you for having them the girls asked me to create a special set of nails they could give to Alan. I made a special set with Alan and their faces on as well as some other elements from the show.

Here are the final nails. For those who don’t know the show the globe and stamp are props from the set. You can watch the episode on YouTube – it’s a great show! The girls gave him the nails before the show but watch for their performance of How Ya Doin, I had it stuck in my head the next few days!

The nails were framed and signed then given to Alan:

You can see Perrie with her nail wraps in the photo above mixed up with some shiny blue nails! I have been wearing the Little Mix nails and will be posting all about them soon.

JennyNails for Alan Carr

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  1. Shama

    Not only did I close the sale I closed two in one day!!! . with the most fansittac writing skills given to me by Alan !I had some Brides sitting on the fence still The one I was really debating on how I was going to proceed to close the deal was a sensative issue, as her and the fiance just laid to rest a good friend who’s life was taken away in a horrible crime.I received alot of emails from the bride noting they hadnt forgotten about me and advised me on the situation in their lives.So it had been hanging in the wings for quite sometime with me wondering how on earth am I going to gather enough courage to close the deal as Alan puts itSo that being said I showed empathy 100% where It is in my nature to do just that in such a situation.. I asked them if they required any other infomation I neglected to give them in our previous meeting.. period end of sentance.. and patiently waited ..It Completely worked ! I not only recieved an email, her fiance called me to chat on the telephoneAs previously discussed its not what you say its how you say it. Im all about the Mirror nowYour amazing Alan, your lectures helped me motivate myself out of such an awkward and sensative postion with my clientsIf you dont know Alan??? Well you should!!

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