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Evening all, I hope you had nice weekends! I posted some nails last week that had gold roses and lots of people asked for a tutorial on how I did the roses. I listened and todays post is a Rose Tutorial. My middle name is Rose, so they definitely are my favourite flower (followed by daisies!). I decided to go for a orange, pink and yellow roses using my favourite neon bright colours. 

Here are the finished product:

And heres how I did it:

Step 1: Start with a white base. I used 2 layers of Essie Blanc and sprayed with The Ultimate Fix quick dry spray to help with speedy drying.

Step 2: I added some yellow blobs using Pop Beauty (fluro funky yellow)

Step 3: I then added some pink blobs (Color Club) and orange blobs (Duri Cosmetics Bedeviled) 

Step 4: Finally I added some green leaves using a small striping brush and Models Own Toxic Apple

Step 5: Using a fine striping brush and black paint I then added the rose detail over each blob. I started in the middle of the blob with two short curved lines and then built up petal shapes around the centre with the petals getting lager on the outside of the rose. Then I added the detail around the edges of the leaves.

Step 6: Complete all the other roses and finish with a layer of Seche Vite top coat (and some more quick dry spray if you are in a hurry) and you are finished!

The bigger the blobs the more detail you can get in the roses. You can do the flowers in any colour to go with any season, but I am in love with neons at the moment so there was no question what colours to use. I hope you find the tutorial simple to follow and try them at home. Let me know any other requests, I have a list of tutorials that I will slowly make my way through.Hope you love the nails as much as I do!

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