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I have a special summery houndstooth tutorial to share today. To create this look I used Elegant Touch Sweet Sherbet false nails. These nails come with a mix of green pink and yellow nails and look cute as a mix and match look. I decided to add some white houndstooth patterns over the nails for a fun design.

I have also shared this tutorial with Flutter and Drum. Check out their site for lots of other nail and beauty advice. 

So here are the finished nails. They are easy to apply, light to wear and fit over my natural nail perfectly.

To create the nails I first chose 10 nails that fit my nails in the three colours and stuck them to my palette using blu-tac. 

I then painted a grid of little dots. You can skip this step but I find it helps ensure my squares in the next step are evenly spaced.

Then using the grid draw squares leaving gaps between each one.

On the top right corner of each square draw little right angle triangles. The triangles should take up half of the squares edge.

Then above and below the triangles add diagonal lines. The negative space below the diagonals will then form the houndstooth pattern in the base colour and you can use this as a guide to make sure you get the lines in the right place.

Finally add a layer of Seche vite to give a smooth shiny finish. These nails could also look cute with a matte finish and I recommend Rimmel Pro Matte Finish.

Then leave your nails to dry and apply them when you are ready. You can file the nails after they are applies to make them fit your hands perfectly. If you use Elegant Touch Super Adhesive Nail Tabs to apply them you can re-use the nails if you remove them carefully.

The great thing about using the false nails as a base for nail art is there is no wobblyness that comes with trying to paint with your non dominant hand! Its also perfect for someone who would prefer to wear nail art on the evenings and weekends only!

I hope you find this tutorial easy to follow and have a go at your own version of a houndstooth look!

Finally don’t forget to check out Flutter and Drum for lots of great nail and beauty content. You can even submit your own favourite nail art looks.

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