Sunday, 20 October 2013

Golden Charm nails

Hi all, I hope you enjoyed the House of Holland giveaway I hosted recently. All the winners have been sent their prizes. I will be extending the final part of my giveaway, as I don't think the instructions were too clear and I didn't get too many entries. So stay tuned for that soon!

Todays nails were a special set of nails I wore to a cousin's Bar Mitzvah at the weekend (I also wore the same design back during Yom Kippur). The design is the same as these nails I did last year after a holiday to Israel, but in black and gold to have a 'gold charm' look to them. I finished the nails with a round gold stud on each nail. The nails lasted really well - the black I used was Essie so will definitely recommend it for not chipping!

Hope you like the nails, I always love a black and gold mix on my nails, it's a classic combination.


  1. these are amazing especially the star on your middle finger! will def have to try this!

  2. Love your creative flare! I may just have the perfect nail art challenge for you that will commence in 2014 (only a scary 7 weeks away!). There are prizes to be won and I'd love for you to be involved! Hop over to my blog post to find out more x