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Hello and happy new year all! I am back from a vacation and little blog break but have to share my special nails with you today.

I did these nails specially to meet Chris Hadfield the Canadian astronaut who came to fame last year with his amazing videos and photos being sent from the International Space Station. I did similar nails last year and had to do them again when I decided to go to see him at his book signing at Foyles this morning.

Left hand nails (Thumb to pinky): Chris Hadfield as David Bowie (inspiration), International Space Station, view of Earth, Hadfield’s badge, astronaut (like the book cover).

Right hand nails (pinky to thumb): Canadian maple leaf, Canadian space agency logo, guitar, expidition 35 insignia, view of earth from the space station cupola.

I was so excited to get to meet Hadfield as he is such an inspirational character and I was so pleased to show off my nails! I am sure he hadn’t seen anything like it before. He was quite pleased and called his wife, Helene, over to have a look too. It was worth the time doing the nails and waiting to see him.

Me and Chris Hadfield

Me and Helene Hadfield

I hope you like the nails, and if you haven’t seen Hadfield’s videos check them out here.

JennyAstronaut Chris Hadfield nails

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