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Hi all! I’m back in London after a weeks skiing break in Switzerland. I have always loved Switzerland, its such a beautiful and scenic country. I, of course, had to do some special nails for my holiday. The picture below is taken of my nails holding a bottle or Rivella, a special Swiss drink (the drink is made from milk whey – but tastes so good!) and of course some Swiss mountains in the background.

The nails were inspired by Switzerland: Swiss flag on the thumb, the flag of Berne (the capital and the canton I was visiting), snowflake in a heart, some black and white snowflakes, and the crest/logo of the village I stayed in.

I took so many photos of the beautiful views on top of the mountains and I can’t resist sharing a few with you!

I do wish I could jump back into the photos, but its lovely to be back in London with such nice weather and back to nails. I have a few more Swiss themed nails I will be doing as I took lots of pictures of inspirational patterns and can’t wait to try them out on my nails!

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  1. Mrs. Me

    I got a warm, fuzzy feeling reading this post. I am Swiss and was always proud of my country. To see nail art inspired by it is just beautiful. *wipes away a tear*. I’m looking forward for more Swiss inspired nails.

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