Matzah Tutorial II

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It’s almost Passover time and I have decided to put together an updated tutorial of my classic Matzah nails I did two years ago. I have made a little change to them by finishing the nails with a matte top coat after I saw someone use my tutorial and update it by using a matte finish. It was a great idea so I decided to incorporate that idea (Thanks Wacky Lacki).

I did the design on a set of false nails as I am not going to have the time to do the nails on myself before tomorrow evening, so I made up a set of falsies that fit me perfectly. 

The finished product:


I used a mixture of nail polish and acrylic paint to create the nails as I didn’t have the exact shades of brown I needed for the perfect Matzah look!

Have a great Passover! 

JennyMatzah Tutorial II

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