Snowflake Fairisle

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A new backdrop for my nails this week as I am currently on holiday in Tenerife! I took a break from the sunshine to show off the nails I bought with me. This is the first of two sets – I usually bring a range of polishes, but then never really want to sit in the room painting, so this time I made the nails before I went so I can change my nails easily when I want!

This first set was painted on Elegant Touch totally clear nails. I wanted something slightly Christmassy, but also looked nice on a hot holiday! These nails were painted with a base of Rimmel Disco Gold an iridescent clear glitter polish and the detail was added using white acrylic paint. It is a mix of snowflake and fairisle patterns. The colours of the glitter don’t snow up too well in the still pictures, but they shine with a beautiful mix of pastels (will try to take a little video for my instagram as I looove them!!)


(thanks to my brother for helping with this pic as I didn’t bring my tripod!)DSC06630



I attached the nails over Elegant Touch Nail guards, which are amazing at protecting the natural nail while wearing stick on nails (and make it easier to take them off too).

I love having clear nails, they are quite different to what I usually have on and are much longer than my natural nails ever grow to, so it is quite a treat to have these on holiday!!

Hope you all had a lovely Cristmas and these nails are bringing a little joy to that time between Christmas Day and New Years!

JennySnowflake Fairisle

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