Blink 182!

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I am so excited to show off these nails this week as they are mega nostalgia for me! My friend won tickets online to go along to see Blink 182 at Radio X record a live session at the station as they promoted their new album. I was so excited and my first priority of course was to do some amazing nails!

I didn’t have too much notice so I decided to paint the nails on some Elegant Touch totally bare oval nails to save me time and I can just stick them on on my way out the door (along with my favourite ‘nail guards‘).

I based my design of their logos and some of their more graphic (aka easier to paint) album covers: Enema of State (logo on pinky), Blink 182, Take off Your Pants and Jacket, and with the ‘parental advisory sticker’ on my middle finger…as that was on most of their album covers too!
DSC08043 DSC08045 DSC08046 DSC08047 DSC08048 DSC08049 DSC08050 DSC08051 DSC08053

My nails in action on the day – outside Global studios in Leicester square.

20160609_122332 IMG-20160609-WA0003


Finally and most excitingly My friend and I got a photo with Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba (I didn’t know we would actually get a chance to meet them) so I very excitedly showed off my nails and was pleased they were impressed at my effort!

After meeting them we all got to go back and listen as they recorded 3 acoustic songs (Bored to Death, Down and All the Small Things) and did a little interview. It was amazing to listen to them live and up so close.IMG-20160609-WA0004

It was great having such fun nails for such an experience – I didn’t want to take them off! I loved having the slightly longer than normal nails my fingers looked so much more elegant! But back to short nails…for now.

I hope you liked these nails and even had a bit of awesome 90s nostalgia listening to classic Blink! And thanks Nat for bringing me along <3

JennyBlink 182!

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