A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Jenny! I am a nail art blogger living and working in London.I have been doing nail art since 2011 and absolutely love it!

I have no artistic training I just love to doodle and paint my nails in my spare time and eventually combined the two and discovered that I was kinda good at it!

I get asked a lot about painting with my non-dominant left hand, so I will clear it up here: I am right handed and over the past year have grown better at painting with my left hand with practise. My first few attempts at nail art I didn’t bother painting my right hand, but it just looked incomplete!

So I always paint all 10 fingers and that is where the name 10 Blank Canvases comes from. Each nail is a little canvas to be painted on…and when it chips off it just means I have a new blank canvas to start again!

I hope you enjoy looking at all my nails and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

JennyA Little About Me